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Bakery Biržų duona, Lithuania

Bakery Biržų duona, Lithuania

We are happy to share another successful project at a famous Lithuanian bakery BIRŽŲ DUONA which is located in a northern Lithuanian town Biržai. In total around 300 units of ELUMA LED ZL and SKY PANEL low bay lights were installed in production, warehouse and office areas. Some of the areas were equipped with light control systems.

BIRŽŲ DUONA is one of the oldest, biggest and most advanced Lithuanian capital bread bakeries established in 1953 in Biržai, Lithuania. The company is high evaluated as a producer of rye bread. Also produces 100 % rye breads, rye-wheat breads, wheat breads, long loafs, bread sticks (it. Grissini), croissants, pies, buns, donuts, cookies and puddings. The main goal of the bakery is to provide the unique and delicious pastries of the highest quality for every consumer. Production is made of the highest quality raw material, there is applied newest technologies in manufacturing and the long-term experience is used. Long term investments to advanced technologies and employees' trainings allow to adapt to the requirements of nowadays market.

Project was implemented together with partner in Lithuania - UAB "USI International". April-May 2019.

More information about bakery BIRŽŲ DUONA HERE.


Bakery "Biržų duona"

Bakery "Biržų duona"

Bakery "Biržų duona"


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