Health and Safety Policy Statement


Being social enterprise and employing people with disabilities ECOLIGHT recognizes the importance of managing occupational health, safety and welfare throughout all our operations and activities and we regard it as integral to our overall business strategy.

This Policy Statement of Intent is a declaration of our commitment to prevent injuries and ill health and to establish and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe systems of work and a safe and healthy working environment throughout all of our business operations and activities. This commitment extends throughout all of our sites, premises, operations and activities, and to staff, subcontractors and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings.

ECOLIGHT regard compliance with applicable health and safety legislation as the minimum standard to be achieved and will promote best practice throughout our operations and activities with the aim of continually improving our health and safety performance. Given the diverse nature of our operations and activities, we recognise that there are a variety of risks that may arise and to enable the achievement of our Policy we will:

- Establish and maintain documented objectives for health and safety performance at all levels throughout our organization
- Ensure the systematic identification of hazards and the assessment and effective control of risks to health and safety that may arise out of or in connection with our operations and activities
- Provide information, instruction, training and supervision as required to enable the safe performance of our operations and activities
- Provide sufficient resources to meet our Policy requirements
- Appoint competent persons to assist us in meeting our statutory duties
- Establish effective systems to enable communication and consultation with our staff and other persons for whom we are responsible
- Undertake a periodic review of our performance against our Policy Objectives and applicable legal standards
Company Management accept his role and responsibility for enforcing this Policy throughout our operations and activities and will support the Health and Safety team in achieving our objectives, through their actions and decision making.
ECOLIGHT recognise that we can only achieve our Policy objectives with the support and cooperation of our staff. Whilst we require them to carry out their operations and activities safely and in compliance with our Policy and applicable legal requirements, we will endeavour to support and promote their safe working practices at all times through their active involvement in both risk assessment and in the development of effective safe systems of work. This Policy Statement of Intent will be displayed prominently at all our sites and workplaces and the supporting responsibilities and arrangements for implementing our Policy will be made available for reference as required.
This Health and Safety Policy was approved by Company management and was communicated to all employees.

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ELEKTROS TAUPYMO SPRENDIMAI, UAB (ECOLIGHT) is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certified company. Certificates No. LT2596Q / LT2597E / LT2598S / SRS21/138.