Terms and Conditions of Sales



Our quotations are non-binding.


Placing an order

An order is not considered placed until it has been accepted by us in writing. Any supplements, modifications or verbal agreements are subject to our written approval in order for them to take effect.



All prices are ex works from Kaunas, Lithuania. The prices given have been calculated on the basis of the current cost of production. If these prices change as a result of modifications in material or labor costs, we reserve the right to calculate the prices applicable at the date of delivery.



Shipping is payable by and at the risk of the Customer.


Terms of payment

Invoices are payable either in advance with 2% discount or within 30 days (if insured) unless is agreed otherwise. Goods remain our property until the invoice has been paid in full. If the delivered goods are resold prior to the final payment, the goods shall be the Customer must remunerate the purchase price demanded in place of the goods.


Delivery period

The delivery periods given are not binding. Penalties for delays or claims for damages are excluded. The delivery period starts from the day of sending the confirmation of order, but not prior to the receipt of all documents that must be provided by the Customer.



We make warranties for delivered goods on which a material or manufacturing defect has been proven beyond any doubt, at the calculated price or replace them with new ones. Further claims by Customer, in particular claims for damages not caused on the delivered goods themselves, are excluded. The warranty period is 12 months starting from the day of the passing of risk if not agreed otherwise. The risk is passed to the Customer no later than the day the order confirmation is sent.


Product development orders

For orders whose implementation requires special product development work, Buyer shall not acquire any inventor's rights to the developed products or the devices used for manufacturing said products, even if he has contributed to the development costs unless is agreed otherwise.


Protective clause

The present Terms and Conditions of Sale form the basis of all deliveries. Any other General Terms and Conditions or Terms of Delivery are only applicable if they have been expressly approved by us in writing. The present Terms and Conditions also apply to all further orders, including verbal ones, and deliveries, extensions and modifications of a delivery, even if no express reference is made thereto.


Reservation of title

Supplier reserves the title of the delivered goods (reserved property) until they are fully paid.



Upon the Buyer placing an order and accepting such an order from us, the Buyer and Seller shall be deemed to have entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement in accordance with these standard contract terms. The contract shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the contract (including, but not limited to, claims for payment of the purchase price or damages for non-performance) will be settled by the Vilnius City District Court or the Vilnius Regional Court (depending on the amount of the claim).